Patented 82-Facet Cut and Craftsmanship

First Diamond Certified to be Visibly Brighter
First Diamond Certified to be Visibly Brighter

Designed and created by Leo Schachter in 1999, The Leo Diamond® is the paragon of perfection which incorporates an accumulated hundred years of wisdom, experience, skills and technology. The Leo Diamond® is designed and handcrafted to be visibly brighter than other diamonds. The unique patented 82-facet Leo Diamond requires careful calculations and strategic faceting arrangement to allow perfect refraction of light, which results in an incomparable fire, sparkle, and brilliance to that of conventional diamonds of similar carat, color and clarity which will take your breath away.

The Leo Diamond® is the first diamond ever to be independently measured and certified by the GemEx Systems, an independent gemological laboratory, for superior “Return of Light” making The Leo Diamond® the ultimate diamond.

Master Diamond Artisan, The Ultimate Work of Art

The Leo Diamond® is a work of art. It can only be handcrafted by an expert diamantaire — a person with a keen eye, a steady hand, a unique sensibility for beauty. Following exact specifications of its unique patented cut and under the guidance of master diamond artisans with at least twenty years’ experience, only Leo Schachter’s most talented diamantaires are allowed to work on a Leo Diamond.

The unrelenting standards demanded of the master artisans who are responsible for overseeing the handcrafting of The Leo Diamond® ensure that every diamond that bears the LEO name will prove to be visibly brighter than any other diamond of comparable quality.