Triple Verification

Professional Corroboration of Unrivalled Brilliance
Certification and Verification / ISO9001:2015

Certification and Verification

Every The Leo Diamond® comes with written proof of its extraordinary attributes. The certificates are issued by the most prominent independent gemological laboratories, including GemEx Systems and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) (for every LEO weighing 0.18ct or above).

Triple Verification of Incomparable Brilliance:


GemEx Certificate

The most critical aspect of the inherent beauty of a diamond is its brilliance. Every LEO passes the test by GemEx Systems which verifies its “Return of Light” — the level of brilliance your diamond achieves. The test is based on scientific measurements of white light, colored light and scintillation taken with a GemEx BrillianceScope® and by comparison with the average light performance of a million conventional 58-facet round diamonds. A GemEx certificate will be issued to every LEO weighing 0.18ct or above.

With GemEx, it shows that comparing to the "medium" rating of conventional 58-facet diamond, the 82-facet LEO outshines with "High" and "Very High" ratings on the Light Performance Report, proving The Leo Diamond®’s extraordinary brilliance.

The Leo Diamond® was the first diamond ever independently and individually certified to be visibly brighter. Your GemEx certification is proof of your LEO’s superior brilliance.

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IGI Certification of 4C’s Grading

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is one of the most prominent gemological laboratories in the world. It certifies The Leo Diamond®’s unsurpassed 4C’s grading (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight), proving its unparalleled quality (for every LEO weighing 0.18ct or above).

The unique patented 82-facet Leo Diamond requires careful calculations and strategic faceting arrangement to allow perfect refraction of light, which results in an incomparable fire, sparkle, and brilliance to that of conventional diamonds of similar carat, color and clarity which will take your breath away.

Color is the natural body color visible in a diamond. It is determined completely by nature, not man. As a rule, the closer a diamond is to being colorless, the more valuable and beautiful it is. Diamond colors appear in a range from D to Z. Fine diamonds fall into the range from color grade D to I. Color grades D, E and F are considered colorless, making them rare.

Clarity is an indication of a diamond’s purity. Because most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, a jeweler will use a magnifier known as a loupe to reveal a diamond’s inclusions. The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the greater the clarity and higher the value of the diamond.

A diamond’s size is measured in carat weight. Although a bigger diamond isn’t necessarily a more beautiful diamond, the value of a diamond increases along its carat weight.

Carat 0.02ct 0.04ct 0.1ct 0.25ct 0.5ct 0.75ct
Diameter 1.7mm 2.2mm 3mm 4.1mm 5mm 5.7mm
Carat 1ct 1.5ct 2ct 4ct 5ct 6ct
Diameter 6.4mm 7.3mm 8.1mm 10.4mm 11mm 11.7mm

Electronic Checking and Verification

Customers may verify the certificates of their specific The Leo Diamond® at their convenience by simply entering the unique LEO number at Customers can also find out about the artisan who handcrafted and polished their LEO collection.

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ISO9001:2015, Guarantee of Natural Diamonds

ISO9001:2015, Guarantee of Natural Diamonds

Lee Heng Diamond, the distributor of The Leo Diamond® in Asia, has obtained ISO9001:2015, guaranteeing that all LEO available at MaBelle, MADIA, Falconer, and Mabros are natural diamonds.