General / Brilliance / “Grow Your Diamond” Preferential Program
Every patented 82-facet The Leo Diamond® is cut after careful calculations and precision lathing so as to release its incomparable brilliance. The unique faceting arrangement allows superior “Return of Light”, making LEO visibly brighter than conventional round diamonds of similar carat, color and clarity.

The ‘Return of Light’ is the refraction of light, including white light, color light and scintillation, by the facets of a diamond. A diamond with superior “Return of Light” is a diamond with superior brilliance. The Leo Diamond®, with excellent “Return of Light”, stands out in a sea of diamonds. EveryLEO comes with certificates from GemEx Systems and IGI, and electronic checking verification. The triple verification is your assurance of The Leo Diamond®’s remarkable quality and “Return of Light”
Lee Heng Diamond, the exclusive distributor of The Leo Diamond® in Asia, has obtained ISO 9001:2015 which proves that all LEO available in MaBelle, MADIA, Falconer, and Mabros are natural diamonds.

Every LEO also comes along with the IGI certificate which clearly states that The Leo Diamond® is a natural diamond. Customers can also check on the purchase receipt for the guarantee that the LEO purchased is indeed a natural diamond.
Founded in New York, Leo Schachter Diamonds is one of the world’s most established companies in diamond design, cutting and polishing. With its widely recognized expertise and a heritage of diamond craftsmanship dating back to over a century, customers are guaranteed that every The Leo Diamond® is a work of art. Retailers around the world value Leo Schachter as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extraordinary diamonds.
The pursuit of quality is usually stricter for branded diamonds, and they usually excel in quality. Take The Leo Diamond® as an example; the patented 82-facet cut, a century of diamond expertise, and the triple verification grant customers the assurance of incomparable quality and brilliance. Branded diamonds are also more consistent with the image and style of the brand, hence more recognizable than generic diamonds.
As one of the world’s leading diamond suppliers, Leo Schachter Diamonds collects high quality diamonds from around the world, and transforms them into the dazzling Leo Diamond® with the patented 82-facet cut and craftsmanship.
Of all the aspects of a diamond, the polish is often the hardest to assess and the easiest to overlook. The polish of every facet of a diamond, including the cut, proportion, symmetry and polishing, affects the brilliance of the stone. A diamond of perfect color and clarity would not be dazzling without the extraordinary cut and polish. The patented 82-facet Leo Diamond® is the product of careful calculation and precision polishing, allowing incomparable brilliance.